About Me

Hello! Welcome to my ePortfolio. My name is Aleyna Young. I am currently a first year student, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychological & Brain Sciences. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I plan to attend law school. I’ve created this to serve as a platform for my academic work throughout my time at UC Santa Barbara, and a resume to display my skills and accomplishments for potential future employer(s). My ePortfolio will go beyond major-related work; I fully support the philosophy of the “Renaissance Man”, that knowledge should never be limited to one subject. Throughout my academic career, I’ve had passions for multiple subjects. For example, although I thoroughly enjoy Calculus and Chemistry, I also have a strong interest in the philosophical foundations of the U.S. Constitution. Essentially, while I will specialize to prepare for my future career, I want to showcase my work in classes of all subjects. Additionally, I plan to show the creative aspects of myself in the form of presentations (i.e. singing, playing guitar, mock trial, speeches, etc.) I’ve used these activities as outlets to express all parts of my identity, and what makes me, me.